The Best Murder Mystery Party Games Kit for Your Dinner Detective Party or Virtual Party

​It's a vintage murder and you may be a suspect.

              The Murder Mystery Party Games include everything you need to serve up the best dinner detective mystery party, murder and fun….., during an evening with friends and family! 
Players: 6 to 20   -   Ages: 18 +

As you assume the role of these colorful characters and solve the mystery, you and your guests will enjoy hours of suspense and intrigue. All you need is a sense of humor and a light-hearted approach to deceit, larceny, sex, and murder!   It's so much fun, it's almost criminal! 

Let us help you plan your murder mystery game dinner party:

The Costume Annex, based in Thousand Oaks, CA has everything you need. We provide the games, instructions and an assortment of beautiful costumes and  accessories, tailored to the era of the game, for each character.  The games can be played in your home or virtually. 

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How Our Games Work

Murder Mystery Parties can be played in Person or as Virtual Party on zoom. We provide the murder mystery games, costumes and accessories to create a memorable, fun, safe party.
It is so fun and easy, with no acting required, the Costume Annex's Murder Mystery Game Party Packages can be held in person or virtually on Zoom.
The games are created so that everyone interacts together. Guests do not have to memorize anything and only have to act out their parts with a scripted dialogue in a handy character booklet.                            
Let your sleuthing run wild for an exciting, safe, fun and entertaining event!

In these uncertain times of social isolation – there has become a need to socialize while keeping our distance, yet people still want to have get-togethers,....even if they are smaller than before.

Playing a Murder Mystery Dinner Party Game at home with friends and family......while social distancing is the perfect solution! You can play  virtually, with your relatives and friends in other states as well, on Zoom! *Each manufacturer's game may have slightly different instructions.

COVID GUIDELINES: You will be required to meet us at our store for costume selection, fitting and final payment. We require you to wear masks and use hand sanitizer on the premises. We provide masks and gloves for protection. All rental costumes and accessories are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.