Our packages include a physical box set or a virtual, downloadable game with six basic costumes. Additional costume rentals are available from $35.00 to $135.00 per costume.

This game contains:

 1. Host Guide
2. 14 Character Sheets
3. 14 Invitations
 4. Question menu
 5. Pad of whodunit slips
 6. An Audio CD

List of Characters

Costumes are similar to those depicted

Appearances are everything, so you always wear a smart three-piece suit accompanied by a bowler derby hat, with a pencil behind your ear and a tape measure tucked somewhere. Think angular.

You have a penchant for blue suits matched with bowties or cufflinks bearing musical symbols. You wear glasses for reading sheet music, and carry a harmonica or tuning fork to ensure you’re pitch perfect.

Long satin gloves, sparkling headband, and a necklace of pearls complement the blue evening gown you wear to sing. Don’t forget your microphone!

You like wearing a uniform and for butlering, a tails suit, polished shoes and cufflinks suffice. An old pocket watch is your go-to timepiece and it fits snugly in your breast pocket along with a folded handkerchief for any emergency.

As a dancer, you like wearing short dresses that accentuate your leg movements, with tassels or sequins that ripple to the music. A feather headband completes the look, along with a white balloon if you’re in the mood.

You wear your maid’s uniform of a black dress covered in a white apron. Your hair is tucked up under a white cap and your lace-up boots are practical but smart. You carry a duster at all times.

You’re dressed in a three-piece suit with bowler hat and cane like you’ve just walked off a film set. The top is tight and untucked, the trousers baggy, the shoes too big - but the moustache is just right!

With your black suede dinner jacket, white shirt and bowtie, you exude success and sophistication. A white handkerchief triangle peeks out of your breast pocket and you’re always holding a stylish cane or a champagne glass.

If you’re not wearing your hair up in a sequin pinned scarf, your permed playful ringlets bounce on your delicate chiffon dress. Shaded eyes and dark red lipstick complete the look.

You like to be the centre of attention and will wear anything as long as it’s covered in gold or pearls (although you prefer a simple black hairband). The stripes on your dress represent the many floors of your family’s hotel empire.

Mixing drinks can be hazardous work so you wear your shirt sleeves rolled up with a white cloth over your shoulder to catch any spillages from the cocktail shaker you’re always carrying. Black braces complete your look.

You like wearing a pinstripe suit and trilby hat (with a white ribbon, obviously) along with polished, two-tone black and white shoes. You’ve also inked ‘LOVE’ and ‘HATE’ on your respective knuckles.

Your short blonde hair is fashionably permed and complemented by a braided tiara. You’re a big fan of Wedgewood and wear blue- or green-and-white dresses that match your rings, brooch and necklace - but not your black armband.

As a fashion lover, you're happiest wearing daringly-cut dresses with a mock feather boa and a trilby hat to show you can be one of the boys too.

Murder in the Roaring '20s

A Murder Mystery Game
For 6 to 14 players, 2-3 hrs

Gray Catsby has invited his most talented and wealthy friends to a charity gala event at his countryside residence, Catsby Hall. But before any dancing and donations begin, Catsby’s fiancée, Ginger Whiskers, is found dead in the dumbwaiter! Join the flappers and dappers to find out who finished her off!