Couples Costume Ideas
Cleopatra and Marc Anthony- Robin Hood and Maid Marion-
George and Martha Washington - Alexander Hamilton and Elizabeth
Napoleon and Josephine- Henry the 8th and Anne Boleyn-
Scarlet and Rhett -John Smith and Pocahontas-
Gambler and Saloon Girl- Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI-
Roy Roger and Dale Evans- Einstein and Marie Curie
Flapper and Zooter- Dumb and Dumber-
Gangster and Gun Moll - Austin Powers and Felicity-
Dr. Evil and Mini Me- John Travolta and Dance Partner-
Danny and Sandy- Southern Belle and Officer-
Gatsby and Daisy- Lucy and Desi-
Hans Solo and Princess Leia- Luke Skywalker and Darth Vadar
Priest and Nun - Elvis and Priscilla- Jimmy Hendrix and Diana Ross -
Titanic Couple - Fred and Wilma - Barney and Betty -
Popeye and Olive Oyl - Beetle Juice and Partner -
Superman and Lois Lane - French Maid and Butler -
Carhop and Soda Jerk - Mary Poppins and Chimney Sweep -
Pinocchio and Geppetto - Alladin and Jasmine -
Capt. Von Trapp and Maria - Sonny and Cher - Alice and Mad Hatter -
Queen of Hearts and Cheshire Cat - Beast and Belle -
Sleeping Beauty and Prince - Anna and Hans - Elsa and Olaf -
Renaissance Couple - Bavarian Couple - Hugh Hefner and Playboy Bunny -Victorian Couple - Steampunk Couple - Gothic Couple -
Zorro and Senorita _ Gomez Addams and Morticia -
Jessica and Roger Rabbit - Disco Couple -Mama Mia Couple -
Snow White and Prince - Cinderella and Prince -
Doc Holiday and Miss Kitty - Goldilocks and the Bear -
Little Red Riding Hood and Wolf - Genie and the Captain -
Sailor and Nurse - Sheikh and Belly Dancer - 1776 Couple -
Dorothy and the Lion - Scarecrow and Wizard of Oz -
Babe Ruth and Emilia Earhart - Ringmaster and Lion Tamer -
Carnival Barker and Performer -Gypsy Couple - Witch and Dracula -
Top Gun Couple - Keystone Cop and Suffragette-
Capt. Hook and Crocodile - Pirate Couple - Greek and Roman Couple
Cowboys and Indians - 1920 Golpher and Tennis Partner -
Peter Pan and Wendy - Wonder Woman and Batman -
Out of Africa Couple - Military Couple - Lincoln and Mary
And many more.........
Come in and let Linda create the perfect costume just for you.


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Couples Costume Idea List  at the end of the photos below.